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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Welcome to Navigating the On-ramp

Welcome to Navigating the On-ramp, my blog about transitioning from stay-at-home mom to at-work mom. I will write about the roadblocks and successes along the way. I invite you to share stories, tips and questions about ramping up your career, too. But just in case you keep quiet and I am starting to even bore myself, I have the sharp women of my sounding board, Momsters, Inc., to help out. These witty, talented and unfailingly honest moms are at different places and moving at various paces on the road to professional success. And boy do they like to talk!

I hope this blog will be a virtual conversation. In real life, I seem to have weekly conversations with my peers about returning to work. When to go back? What to do? How to cope? Or as Laura, of the Momsters puts it: How will I handle a full-time job plus everything already on my plate and not turn into an overstressed bitch?

If I had a hard and fast answer for Laura, I would be charging buckets of money to dispense advice. For now, I am just asking questions, sharing some thoughts (and occasional tips and resources) and reassuring other on-ramp moms that they are not traveling this bumpy road alone.

(Send a note to mom@moldofsky.com if you would like to be a part of Momsters, Inc.)

posted by Kim Moldofsky @ 9:35 AM  


At 3:55 PM, Robin Pratt said...


At 4:10 PM, Robin Pratt said...

It took me many years to navigate the Off-ramp, so many that now I'm pretty comfortable working from home, wearing my slippers at my desk. But there's this voice I can hear more and more - now that the kids are securely on their own paths - that whispers to me: it's time, it's time, now.

But I'll tell you, there must be an art to uncovering meaningful, but part-time work. I've served on boards, done pro-bono marketing for start-ups in my spare time, to learn something new and stay connected with the world outside my little house. I'd really like a paycheck now... even a small one.

What have you other moms tried to wedge your way back into the work-for-pay world? What has worked? What has bombed?

At 4:19 PM, Robin Pratt said...

It took me many years to navigate the OFF-ramp - so many, that I'm now pretty comfortable here, working from my desk, wearing my slippers.
But now that the kids are securely on their own paths, I can hear a little voice getting louder: It's time, it's time now.

I have served on Boards, and done pro-bono marketing for good causes, but now I really want to get back into the working world... PART time. I really want a paycheck again, even a small one.

The more I scan the job boards, the more I realize there must be an art to uncovering meaningful jobs that are only part time. What have you other moms tried? What has worked? What has bombed?

At 4:24 PM, Robin Pratt said...

Sorry about the repeats - I'm just getting the hang of this!

At 9:55 PM, Tammy said...

I am in the process of returning to work. I'm kind of already there. I became a realtor about a year ago and I think I'm the only realtor who's glad it's slow out there. It's giving me time to learn the ropes and wean my homeschooled boy into school. I'm hoping that he will go to high school full time and I will then take off in my career. How will I prevent being a bitch? Well, my son has already learned coping skills from my lack-of-sleep, bitchy personality. And, I keep reminding myself that I not only need to do this for our family's future, but I'm really enjoying the stimulation and, of course, the extra income.

I used to teach elementary school. If I went back to it I'd be an even bigger bitch! I feel like I'm still being helpful and useful as a realtor. Moving is a big event for people and my teaching experience has given me the patience to explain things and appease worries. Does real estate feel as important as teaching? Not really, but I've done my time. Ah. there's the bitch my son knows and loves anyway.

At 10:25 AM, Anonymous said...

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