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Monday, May 28, 2007

the current fuckery

i feel like an idiot.

its the dawning of another calendar block
and the unshed thing feeds my rue for the day
troubles stacked high enough to make a fine roost

tucked away in places unreached by the whinnies of morning crows
bundled in my darkest heart
where only the strongest of beautiful repercussions grow hearty
regretfully, i surrender

something about the weather
everybody's reckless and maudlin this week
i lay down underneath it
cast it out, will it gone
thank her for the glance into my spit-nettle graceless mess
give her a name, show her around the places where they know me
we talk in staccato and jab, by turns

god, to be all that
humility--just a part of the machine
this darwinian sex monster
takes no prisoners
this prickly pear is host to unexpected hostage
a hostile arrangement
a brief bit of fuckery
a reason to call quits
alls well that ends well
the ins and outs of these politics
and the me
of the youniverse

this brutal coil of want
and retaliation
a game of skill and fortune favors those who come prepared

i have never been good at plotting
thoughtful consideration given to fractures and faultlines is lost on me
too late, i reframe
shamedogged retreat and hangface regret over what i cannot take back
and pathological approval seeking

slap happy and gaslit
gestalt of the my-crocosm
come around to see the uneven playing field and brutal nature
of this greatwork, this "great" rite
female of the species

overinvested, underpaid.

posted by babaloniyoni @ 12:46 PM


At 10:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"pathological approval seeking"--WOW, very profound


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