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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Lonely Challenge at Work

Started a new job on January 2. I'm producing a PILOT for Minnesota Public Radio about parenthood. It is born from my work at http://www.mombo.org, where I have been tooling away for 16 years.

Here at my cubicle at the home of MPR, I have lots of responsibilities. But it is not certain to me how to socialize or be human with these people around me. My friend Sasha who is the producer who kicked down the door to get me in here to sit at this fancy desk, said to me "Nanc. We don't really say hello." Hmmm... I had been walking by people's cubicles in the morning, waving and saying hello to all the people I had been meeting. Nice people. Hard working producers who are incredible talents, some of them, and great peristent survivors, others. So here I am after all these years of being in my home office, in my yard in the fall on a deck chair, slogging away on my MOMbo work, and here I am at the center of the radio world, and I just need to remember NOT TO SAY HELLO and to keep my head down and work. I get just as much done here as I do at home, because I'm a focused little writer and producer. I think all day and every once in a while I feel a spurt of glee that I am getting paid to research a book and prepare for an interview.

But I really do want to say hello. I really do want to bound up and down the halls once in a while. It's a tricky balance. More later. Gotta go.

Nanci Olesen is the host/producer of MOMbo, a radio resource for moms,http://www.mombo.org, and is hosting a PILOT about parenthood for Minnesota Public Radio. Nanci says HELLO to all of you and hopes you have a good, hard working, pleasant day in your work space, wherever it is and however you manage to get your work done.

posted by Nanci Olesen @ 7:30 AM 4 comments  


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