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End of the Summer

I Miss You

My Old Circus Life

Swimming in Late October

Riding my bike in the afternoon and worrying

Bio: Nanci Olesen is an independent radio producer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is a member of AIR, Association of Independents in Radio, and her programs can be accessed on the Public Radio Exchange. For 11 years, her show MOMbo aired first at KFAI (Minneapolis, MN) and then on the Pacifica Radio Network. Nanci has produced 4 hour-long MOMbo specials for Public Radio International (2002-2004), featuring her blend of mom attitude, music, commentaries, interviews, and sound collage. A four part series, called NOW YOU MOMbo, was released in April 2005, airing on 62 stations to date. She won a Golden Reel Award from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters in 2001 for her show “When a Baby Dies.” In 2005, MOMbo Inc. produced a four cd set, NOW YOU MOMbo, for retail and radio, featuring voices from “the underbelly of motherhood” and eclectic mixes of music and sound collage to “nurture, humor and enlighten” moms as they dive into motherhood. Nanci works as a mom, a performer/musician, a radio commentator (Minnesota Public Radio, A Splendid Table, Marketplace Morning Report, The Savvy Traveler, Weekend America) a radio producer, a freelance writer, and as the director of MOMbo, Inc.








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